Women’s Star Crest Awards

This website is dedicated to women skydivers everywhere. The WSCR award is available to both women and men who successfully participate in a freefall star formation with a base of eight women skydivers.

This site is designed to enable skydivers to learn about the award’s history and to apply for the Women’s Star Crest Award and Women’s Night Star Crest Award. We periodically revise and update this site and the information on it. (Please excuse our dust!)

The Women’s Star Crest Awards Program consists of the WSCR (Women’s Star Crest Recipient) Award and the NWSCR (Night Women’s Star Crest Recipient) Award. Anyone who participates in a traditional, round star formation, composed of at least eight women skydivers, may apply to receive a WSCR number–provided the formation was held for at least five seconds.

Be a Part of Skydiving History!

How to Get Your WSCR Award

It’s important to remember that you don’t have a WSCR unless you’ve applied for a WSCR number. Just being in an all-woman formation doesn’t automatically get you a WSCR number.

You must apply for your WSCR by filling out and submitting an application form. They’re available on this WSCR.org website. The WSCRs are historically documented and have been recorded since the first 8-woman star in 1969.

A Women’s Skydiving Tradition since 1969


Here you will learn about the history of early women’s Relative Work (Formation) skydiving.


This section will show photos of women WSCR skydivers and the formations they made at drop zones around the world.


This section shows the technical information related to earning a WSCR, hosting a WSCR event, and encouraging others to earn their WSCR, as well.