Women's Star Crest Recipient Awards in Skydiving

WSCR at Skydive Suffolk!

There is a short story to this jump! by Cassandra Albert 

The ladies at Suffolk had been trying to get a WSCR for almost a year, and every time we had a boogie or extra females around we tried to get eight ladies on a list but we were always short a few! Suffolk holds the Jump for a Purpose every year, and this year we also had our Spring Fling Boogie the same weekend! As soon as I saw all the ladies I grabbed a scrap sheet of paper and wrote everyone's name down!

We had nine ladies there! Asia is a freefly gal but wanted to come anyway, Lauren and Lizzie each had less then 100 jumps apiece, Christina was getting ready to get married, and she and her fiancé were jumping together that day.  Vanessa and I had received our coach's rating together.  Amy Bowers (along with Lizzie and Lauren) was a student of mine and Vanessa's, and AMY CHMELECKI and KATIE PERRINE were there! It was perfect and we were all set to get this together!

Amy C and Joost Luysterburg gave us ladies some great pointers to make this a successful jump! We were all smiles in the plane and in the air! It was our first attempt and it came together! We did not have time to do it again so we went with the first one! Everyone felt really good about it! We watched the video a few times because we had to count the seconds out loud to make sure we got it because I had left early! I thought I blew it for all of us! Scott (Vanessa's husband) did the video for it! 

On 17 May 2013, Skydive Suffolk ladies got the first WSCR at their DZ since 3 Jun 1979!

Standing (from left): Vanessa Christensen, Asia, Cassandra Albert-WSCR 1320, Lizzie Sickles, and Katie Perrine
Kneeling (from left): Christina Crooks, Amy Chmelecki, Lauren Kolberg, and Amy Bowers

Congratulations for such a beautiful, round star!

Clockwise from 12:00 (Lt Blue): Lizzy Sickles, Christina Crooks, Amy Bowers, Vanessa Christensen, Amy Chmelecki, Cassandra Albert-WSCR 1320, Katie Perrine, Lauren Kolberg.  Approaching at right: Asia
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