Women's Star Crest Recipient Awards in Skydiving

WSCR at Sky's the Limit

These 16 beauties have talent! 

The ladies at Sky's the Limit in Stroudsburg PA, had enough talent to make two separate 8-woman stars to earn their WSCRs on June 22nd.
Both groups jumped from the same aircraft load, one after the other. 

Congratulations go to:

Load One:  Christine Alogna, Donna Ayers, Anne Cooney, Kaitlyn Haeuser (WSCR 1322), Christine Murray, Dawn Pavlu, Alyson Procopio (WSCR 1323), and Betsy Reidy

Load Two:  Sheryl Adams, Lindsey Basher, Lauren Callanan, Kim Hollander, Michelle Karamon, Serena Paul (WSCR 1324) Patricia Schneider, and Melissa Tsouhnikas

On 22 June 2013, Sky's the Limit DZ in PA had TWO successful WSCR loads!

With two consecutive skydives from the same load on the  plane, the 16 WSCR "newbies" formed TWO back-to-back 8-woman stars to earn STL's first WSCRs.  Both stars were all new WSCRs, meaning that none of the ladies had earned a WSCR before. 

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