Women's Star Crest Recipient Awards in Skydiving

The First 100 WSCRs

The First 100 Women's Star Crest Recipients!

            On Jul 27, 1969, skydiving's first 8-woman star was formed at Lake Elsinore’s Skylark Airport in Southern California.

            (Historic Note:  The number “eight” was significant because the largest aircraft commonly available for this effort was a twin engine Beech D-18.  It could carry at least eight skydivers--far more jumpers than the ever present Cessna 180/182s at drop zones across the country.  This Beechcraft enabled all jumpers to exit from one aircraft.  This greatly improved chances for success to get everyone into the "star"--the only freefall formation at that time.)

            The women in the first 8-woman star were:  Jean Shultz WSCR 1, Laura Lockward WSCR 2, Sheila Luker WSCR 3, Ann Curtis WSCR 4, Diane Bird WSCR 5, Luena Garrison WSCR 6, Linda Heath WSCR 7 and Patty Wilson WSCR 8.  It was nearly a year before enough women skydivers were able to gather in one place to try again.


            On Jul 19, 1970, a different group of women managed to make the second 8-women star at the Elsinore DZ, adding five new skydivers into the WSCR fold:  Bonnie Cameron WSCR 9, Jeanni McCombs WSCR 10, Donna Wardean WSCR 11, Sandy Donnelly WSCR 12 and Nancy Milts WSCR 13.


            Twenty uneventful months passed before the third 8-women star was built on Mar 25, 1972, giving WSCR status to seven more women skydivers:  Robbie Skinner WSCR 14, Nancy Gruttman WSCR 15, Pat Davis WSCR 16, Bonnie Garberich WSCR 17, Chrissy Shinn WSCR 18, Kathy Paul WSCR 19 and Lori Durava WSCR 20.  Two weeks later, Sylvia Lindgren WSCR 21 joined the exclusive WSCR list, also at Lake Elsinore on Apr 8th.


             The following year, on Apr 7, 1973, more all-women skydives gave awards to four more women:  Sandi Ackerman WSCR 22, Yolande Hustinx WSCR 23, Debbie Zweifel WSCR 24, and Jean Christensen WSCR 25.

            Five months later, on Sep 3, 1973, the numbers grew
to 34 WSCR award holders.  The new WSCR women on that jump were:  Mia Barnett WSCR 26, Debbie Goldhar WSCR 27, Roylayne Mattsson WSCR 28, Betty Hawkins WSCR 29, Charmien Cliff WSCR 30 and Karin Hart WSCR 31.  The star also included the first men to earn the award:  Chuck Wyckliffe WSCR 32, Tony De Rosa WSCR 33 and Bill Stage WSCR 34 who entered 9th, 10th and 11th on the women's star. 

            This jump ended the Lake Elsinore DZ's domination of women’s WSCR freefall records.  On Nov 25, 1973, ten women at a 10-way star competition in Zepherhills FL made the first successful WSCR load outside the Southern California skydiving community.

            They were:  Donna Huminsky WSCR 35, Mary Donnan WSCR 36, Fran Strimenos WSCR 37, Jan Works WSCR 38, Sally Cain WSCR 39, Marie Splane WSCR 40, Ruth Lanier WSCR 41, Helen Fraser WSCR 42, Kristina Juusela WSCR 43 and Anita Kay Paul WSCR 44.  This event also has some historical significance as the first time a man entered a 10-woman star outside of California...Bob Federman eventually submitted paperwork to receive WSCR 114.


            On Jun 2, 1974, women gathered again at Lake Elsinore and six more women and one man joined the WSCR ranks:  Cherie Beck WSCR 45, Lynn Jarrett WSCR 46, Lindy MacManiman WSCR 47, Susan Haun WSCR 48, Wendy Newstrup WSCR 49, Genie Drumheller WSCR 50 and Jerry Kinley WSCR 51.

            Seven days later, eight women skydivers at Issaquah WA brought their state into the list of recipients on Jun 9th:  Rosie Notton WSCR 52, Julie Reinmiller WSCR 53, Beth Nelson WSCR 54, Jessie Farrington WSCR 55, M. J. Haught WSCR 56, Dianne Marsh WSCR 57, Meg Gorman WSCR 58 and Trudy Lambert WSCR 59. 

            The following month on Jul 21, the Issaquah gals continued their WSCR surge with stars that added four more recipients:  Marilyn Imhof WSCR 60, Kathi West WSCR 61, Holly Gibson WSCR 62, and Sally Cresswell WSCR 63.  At an airshow jump in Painefield WA on Jul 20, Pat McDonald earned WSCR 64.

            Back at the Elsinore DZ, three visitors from Arizona and Colorado made jumps on Sep 2nd that earned awards for:  Kathleen Lang WSCR 65, Becky DeRosa WSCR 66 and Linda Barrese WSCR 67.  A local joining this group was Cheryl Davis WSCR 68.

            Three Issaquah jumpers on Sep 22, 1974, earned their patch:  Vicki Christensen WSCR 69, Chrissy Lackaff WSCR 70 and Christine Jones Jensen WSCR 71. 

            Two weeks later, Canada was represented on the WSCR roster for the first time with Debbie Colhoun WSCR 72, on Oct 6, 1974, at Abbotsford, BC.

            The remainder of 1974 revealed a lot of enthusiasm for women's WSCR jumps across the nation and the list grew. 

            Unfortunately, the dates and DZs for many of these jumps were not recorded.  However, mailing addresses show that there was much enthusiasm for the WSCR program as its popularity grew at drop zones outside Southern California.

            Rounding out the first 100 WSCR recipients are:  Carol DeKeyser WSCR 73 (CA), Sandra Doyle WSCR 74 (CA), Carol J. Glazier WSCR 75, Bunky Corrigan WSCR 76 (AZ), Pat Pitcher WSCR 77 (CO), Kathryne Schlieman WSCR 78 (CO), Jerry Bird WSCR 79 (CO), Dave Singer WSCR 80 (NY),  Robert A. Schaffer WSCR 81 (AZ), B.J. Worth WSCFR 82 (AZ), Heidi Moore WSCR 83 (CO), Audi Witney WSCR 84 (AZ), Rose-Marie Rancourt WSCR 85 (Montreal, Can), Pete Gruber WSCR 86 (AZ), John Willsey WSCR 87 (AZ), Michael Sandos WSCR 88 (CO), Hod Sanders WSCR 89 (AZ), Mike Larson WSCR 90 (AZ), Charlie Greenfield WSCR 91 (AZ), Ron Lunginhill WSCR 92 (AZ), Jim Heydorn WSCR 93 (AZ), Pierre Boeheim WSCR 94 (AZ), Karen Collett WSCR 95 (UT), Vicki Gonzalez WSCR 96 (TX), Vickie Murrell WSCR 97 (CA), Jerry DeLara WSCR 98 (CA), Bill Dause WSCR 99 (UT) and Bob Taylor WSCR 100 (AZ).

            It's assumed that jumps for these awards occurred between Oct 6, 1974 and Mar 9, 1975--the next recorded date for award qualification (which was earned by Nikki Watts WSCR 118 at Z-hills FL on that day).  I suspect that many of these jumps occurred at meets in Arizona, probably Coolidge.

             Note:  Help me set the record straight!  If you are one of these early WSCR holders and know when/where you earned your award, please contact me, Nancy Gruttman-Tyler, at so I can post it here.  Thanks!

              An article about the first WSCR appeared in USPA's Parachutist Magazine, Nov 2012.  Written by Patty Crocitto, WSCR 8, it includes photos of the first 8-woman star and the women who were in it.  Go to to read this interesting piece of women's skydiving history.

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