Women's Star Crest Recipient Awards in Skydiving

Orange MA has WSCR

On July 14, 2013, Jumptown at Orange MA joined the growing number of DZs that can boast of having a successful WSCR jump!  Accepting the challenge to do something never done before at their dropzone, the eight ladies listed below made a colorful 8-woman star over the forested Massachusetts terrain.  How exciting to see all those laughing faces in freefall!  Congratulations to the new WSCR ladies at Jumptown!

Clockwise from 12:00 in red is Tricia Small WSCR 1331, Heather Gray WSCR 1332 in blue and purple, Cathy Goodbrake WSCR 1328 in red and black, Brittany Weldon WSCR 1327 in black with gray rig, Holly Stano WSCR 1325 in black with red rig, Banshee Hews WSCR 1326 in purple, Sarah Berard WSCR 1329 Black with pink rig, and Jenny Shumway WSCR 1330 black with blue grippers and black and red gear.  What a lovely star!

(Photo by Dave Bryce)

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