Women's Star Crest Recipient Awards in Skydiving

Byron DZs 1st WSCRs!

Bay Area Skydiving's women earned their WSCR Awards--a first at the Byron CA DZ!  On April 27, 2013, Byron CA's drop zone saw its first 8-woman star!  It was an "all new" WSCR formation, meaning that none of the women had previously earned a WSCR. Since 1992, only a few of these "all new" WSCR Stars have been built. 

The WSCR jump followed a day of 4-way SCRambles at the DZ--making skydiving history.  The ladies got plenty of encouragement in the air as four guys flew near the formation, hoping for a chance to dock, once the women's star was complete.  Now that they know they can do it, the gals have promised the guys more opportunities to get their WSCRs this summer at Byron.

From 12:00,  clockwise:  Rachel Kanowski, Tina Dobleman, Krisanne Combs, Karen Woolem, Deborah Bingham, Erin Bishop, Lori Connor, Amanda Lum-Simmons.

Photos by Iwan van der Schoor Photography

Watch them do it! 

Congratulations to Byron's eight new WSCRs!

   Karen, Woolem WSCR 1312--Base, Jump #447 from Carmel CA (turquoise suit w/purple helmet)
    Deborah Bingham, WSCR 1313--Pin, Jump #849 from San Francisco CA (@ 6:00, pink, blue, w/blk)
    Krisanne Combs, WSCR 1314--entered 3rd, Jump #1043 from Oakland CA (@ 3:00, blk w/dark blue)
    Rachel Kanowsky, WSCR 1315--entered 4th, Jump #1391 from Davis CA (@ 12:00, blue & yellow jumpsuit)
    Amanda Lum-Simmons, WSCR 1316--entered 5th, Jump #523 from Belmont CA (blk suit w/pink grips, blue flap on container)
    Tina Dobleman, WSCR 1317--entered 6th (blk suit w/turquoise on container)
    Lori Connor, WSCR 1318--entered 7th, Jump #160 from Galt CA (@ 9:00, blk suit w/blk & blue rig)
    Erin Bishop, WSCR 1319--entered 8th, Jump #246 from Dublin CA (orange & white rig w/white helmet)

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