Women's Star Crest Recipient Awards in Skydiving

Award Criteria

Two ways to qualify to receive a Women's Star Crest Award:


1.     Participate in a WSCR Star formation

          *   A minimum of eight women skydivers must individually exit their aircraft and form an
               8-woman star (the traditional round formation).

          *   All skydivers must be facing inward toward the center of the star.  No re-gripping.

          *   The star must be held for a minimum of five seconds.

          *   All jumpers do not have to be in the formation--in other words, the formation doesn't
               have to be "completed" to qualify.  Everyone who's in the formation for five seconds or
               longer qualifies.  Anyone who's out of the formation doesn't qualify.

          *   Men can also earn WSCR/NWSCR numbers, but the first eight in the star must be women. 
               Men can qualify by entering ninth or later on a star of eight or more women.

2.  Participate in an officially recognized all-woman state, national or world record. 

           *   A minimum of eight women skydivers must be in the record.  For example, if an
state record has less than eight, it won’t qualify for a WSCR until the state
                record is e
stablished as eight or more women. 

           *   The record-setting jump must be recognized as an official record by USPA (or the
national skydiving organization for countries outside the USA) or FAI rules
                 in force at the
time of the jump. 

            *   Past and current woman’s (RW) Formation Skydiving record holders are invited to join
                 the WSCR
sisterhood.  We honor your accomplishments and welcome your expertise!

                Night Women's Star Crest Award (NWSCR) criteria include all of the above, plus they
                must be performed in night darkness, at least two hours after sunset or two hours
                before sunrise.

                ** It's important to remember that you don't have a WSCR unless you've applied for
                a WSCR number.  Just being in an all-woman formation doesn't automatically give you a
                WSCR number.  You must apply for your WSCR by filling out and submitting a WSCR                                     application form.  They are available on this website or by emailing to to 
                request forms.  The WSCRs are historically documented and have been recorded since the
                first 8-woman star in 1969. 

                                                       Be a part of skydiving history! 

                               Get your WSCR number by sending in your application now!

                 Note:  I know that sometimes it's difficult to get all the verifying signatures for the application, 
                 especially some days later.  Send me what you have, along with your email/phone info, and
                 we can work out a verification process together.






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