Women's Star Crest Recipient Awards in Skydiving

8 New WSCRs at SIS 2012!

The WSCR Awards are Back!  On Jan 29, 2012, for the first time in nearly 20 years, eight gals made an "all new" WSCR star to earn their numbers!  The last time that eight women (who didn't have a WSCR) were able to build a qualifying star was in Paso Robles CA, Sept 20, 1992.

The attraction for these new recipients was USPA's national event "Sisters in Skydiving" at Skydive AZ on the last weekend in January.  Ladies from all over the country gathered for a giant "slumber party" in the air to practice their techniques and learn new skydiving skills. 

The new WSCR women worked hard to earn their success, making five dives that were sometimes oh-so-close, and other times "Oh no!!"  Their sixth jump clicked and they made Women's Skydiving History!

Congratulations and new WSCR numbers go to:

   WSCR 1279--Base, Chazi Blacksher from Chandler AZ, Jump # 1851 (Blk w/Purple & Wht)
   WSCR 1280--Pin, Stephanie Lukach from Edina MN, Jump #90 (Blk w/Purple)
   WSCR 1281--3rd, Lori Zito from Phoenix AZ, Jump # 96 (Blk w/Blk)
   WSCR 1282--4th, Shavon Simpson from Phoenix AZ, Jump #122 (Gray w/Blk)
   WSCR 1283--5th, Amanda Kubik from Cedar Rapids IO, Jump # 43 (Blk w/Green)
   WSCR 1284--6th, LeAnne Schwab from Arvada CO, Jump #139 ((Red w/Blk, Blue helmet)
   WSCR 1285--7th, Karen McCoy from Alexandria VA Jump #65 (Lt Blue w/Purple)
   WSCR 1286, 8th, Erin Kruth from Arlington VA, Jump #55 (Pink w/Purple)

Check out their FaceBook pages to see some great skydiving photos and videos!  It's so amazing to see what's happening in our sport today!

Photos courtesy of Bill Schmitz Photography, Skydive AZ
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